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4 Tips For Making Your Storage Unit Easy To Access

If you are using your storage unit as overflow storage for your home and you are going to be storing items that you use on a frequent basis inside of your storage unit, then you are going to want to organize and set up your storage unit for easy access. Here are a few tips to get you started.  

1. Stick to One Box Size 

Although this might not be possible for all of your packing needs, try to pick one size box that you use to store the majority of your things inside. Using one size box will make it easy to stack the boxes up and keep things organized.  

When choosing what size box, go for a medium-sized one. Medium-size boxes are big enough to store most things inside them without being too cumbersome to move. Stacking things up efficiently will also make it easier to access the boxes you need. 

2. Label Everything 

It will be easier to pull things in and out of your storage unit if all the boxes are labeled. Label both the top and sides of the box with the general category of things stored inside of the box and a list of what is inside of the box.  

That way, when you are looking for something, you will just have to look for the right label; you will not have to dig through every box to find what you need. Pulling out the correct box will help you keep things organized, which is essential for making things easy to access.  

You may also want to use a color-coding system to make things even easier to identify. That way, you know what color label to look for when you are looking for a particular item.  

3. Create a Floorplan 

Don't just put stuff inside of your unit. Instead, create a floor plan for your unit. This floorplan will allow you to organize where you put different types of boxes. So, when you go to your storage unit, you can just reference the floorplan and know where to look for the item you need.  

A floor plan will help you go straight to where you need to go when you are trying to grab something quickly.  

4. Go Through Things 

You can keep things organized and easy to access by going through things. A couple of times a year, go through what is in your storage unit and get rid of items that you have not pulled out and used in months. You don't want to have clutter in your storage unit; you want it to be filled with things that you actually need.  

Keep your storage unit organized by using similar-sized boxes, labeling everything, creating a floorplan, and going through things a few times a year to ensure that you only store what you need inside your unit. A clean and well-organized storage unit will help you easily access what you need when you need it.

For more information, contact a storage unit facility near you.