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Tips For Moving Large Furniture In Your Home

Planning to move your own furniture and not quite sure how to do it? These tips will help you move some common items you'll likely be dealing with. 


Moving a refrigerator may seem intimidating, but it can actually be quite easy if you have the right equipment. The trick is to use an appliance dolly that will allow you to strap the refrigerator directly to the dolly. Not only does this make it easier to prevent the refrigerator from slipping off the dolly, but it will help keep the doors closed. 

The main thing to remember when moving a refrigerator is to balance the weight of it in the center of the appliance dolly's wheels. This may mean that you do not have the refrigerator at a perfect 45-degree angle when moving it on the dolly, since a lot of the mechanical portions of the appliance that weight a lot are located on the back of the unit. 

Once you have the refrigerator on a moving truck, it is important to store the item upright. Placing the refrigerator on its side can result in the unit being damaged due to the weight being put on the mechanical parts of the unit. Always store it upright, and get a taller moving truck if necessary. Many moving trucks will say if they are big enough to move a refrigerator. 


A wide dresser may seem a bit difficult to move on your own, which is why this job requires two people to do it. The best tool for this job is to have forearm moving straps. You will run the straps underneath the dresser so they are on the inside of the feet. You can then bend down at the waist to pick up the dresser from a squatting position. The dresser will only be a few inches off the ground, your back will be straight, and all of the weight will be put on your forearms rather than your hands and fingers. 


The best thing you can do when moving a mattress is to buy a mattress bag for it. This will help ensure that the mattress stays clean if it is dragged across the floor while moving it. Get a friend to help you move a large mattress, and use the handles on the side of the mattress to lift it. You could also use forearm moving straps if there are no handles since it will make it easier to move it in a vertical position. 

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