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2 Ways To Protect Your Items Before Putting Them Into Storage

When you are committed to renting a storage unit and storing your items for a while, you may be determined to do it the right way so that you do not risk anything getting damaged. While you could make things work by renting a large storage unit and only stacking bins and boxes one or two units high, you will find that this is a rather inefficient way to utilize your storage space.

Putting time and effort into protecting your items will allow you to stack things decently high so that you do not have to rent a huge storage unit to fit everything inside.


Prioritizing boxes over plastic bins is worthwhile because you will find that the tops of boxes are a lot sturdier than plastic bins. All it takes is a bit too much pressure on plastic for the top to break inward, which could lead to boxes or bins on top tumbling if the collapsing is severe enough.

Another way that this can happen is when you use huge boxes and try to fill them to the brim with heavy items because the boxes will not be able to support all the weight safely. This can lead to the bottom giving out when you are moving them from your home to the storage unit.

Some storage facilities will have boxes that you can buy and they may even be able to give you advice on the maximum weight to put inside boxes and show you how to pack them in person.


If you do not use covers for your furniture pieces, you will likely find dirt and dust getting on them after they have been in storage for a few weeks or months. This is something that you will want to avoid because trying to wipe the dirt off could lead to actual stains that are hard to remove.

When you are not able to find covers that fit your furniture pieces perfectly, you should get all-purpose covers after taking measurements. Even if the covers are a bit loose, being able to seal the furniture away from exposure to dirt and grime will keep your furniture clean inside storage.

Renting a storage unit is an effective way to alleviate your need for extra storage space in your home. To maximize protection for your belongings, you should consider making use of these tips when you go through the packing process before putting items into your storage unit rental.