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Moving Soon? The Dos And Don'ts Of Packing

Even if you are just moving locally, packing up your entire household isn't a walk in the park. From sorting all the items in your home, to buying the right supplies, to packing and storing everything so it won't break, there's a lot that goes into this process. Besides getting tips and help from local moving companies, be sure to consider the following dos and don'ts for more efficient packing.

Do Consider Whether or Not an Item Will Be in Storage

If your new house is not completed by your move-out date, you may need a storage facility in the interim. However, some of the supplies you use during the move may not be great for storage. For instance, cardboard boxes are staples of moving, but they can get wet and break down if put on the floor of a storage unit. Even if they are put on shelves, these boxes can also gather mildew, and again, break down. It's best to buy plastic storage bins for items that you want to store so they are well protected. Also consider getting mothballs, which hold deodorant and sometimes chemical pesticides, so that if you store any clothes during this period, they won't retain a foul odor or attract insects.

Do Consider Purchasing a Moving Kit

Costhelper says that boxes can cost as little as a $1 to as much as $3.75. While this range is small, it can add up quickly if you are needing to pack a large household and need more than about twenty boxes. Instead of buying all of your boxing and packaging individually, talk to a moving company about a packing kit. This is a great way to bundle both costs and items since kits can contain various size boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and so on. 

Don't Use the Wrong Supplies for Fragile Items

To save money on supplies, you may be tempted to use items on hand to wrap and cushion items. This isn't a bad idea, but be careful when wrapping fragile items. For instance, if you wrapped good china with old newspaper, there is a good chance that the ink could smear and stain these pieces. If you have fragile artwork, like paintings, you may be tempted to just wrap these items in blankets. However, there is a chance that the canvas could become punctured or that any glass frame could crack. It's better to spend a little extra on a telescoping box for a snug fit. 

Don't Spend an Exorbitant Amount on Boxes

While packing kits can cut down costs on boxes, you may be tempted to buy lots of these kits. Instead, stop at your grocery store and see if they have old boxes for you to pick up. After being used to stock the shelves, a lot of these boxes get recycled, so the store may be happy to give you some. If you work in an office environment, ask your employer if you can use the old boxes that copy reams come in. These copy paper boxes are large, and again, your employer may be happy to give you some to use. 

If you consider these dos and don'ts, your move should go more smoothly. For more help, consider hiring a moving company, like Walsh Moving & Storage.